Moto-camping under the stars in Johor

I only paid 8RM for what was no doubt amongst one of my best moto-experiences so far!

It all started when I randomly stumbled upon Decathlon’s 24hr outlet and saw their huge range of tents with my girlfriend and the idea was planted in my head. A random conversation with a friend about how awesome it would be to go camping with our motorcycles and have a cookout soon turned into a spontaneous reality in just two weeks!

If you’re expecting to read about hardcore mudslinging trails leading to our campsite, then don’t read on. We had a wonderful relaxing laidback weekend holiday by the beach with our daily-ridden superbikes and street bikes! We had a good mix of class 2B, 2A and 2 bikes as well if you were wondering!

I did some research and narrowed our choices down to Cameron Highlands, Endau Rompin or Mersing. We eventually settled for Mersing as it was not too far away and the route there was not too challenging. We googled and found a suitable looking campsite at Air Papan beach. After contacting the campsite operator, we made a simple booking via whatsapp. Each person would only have to pay 8RM to use the site upon arrival!

Our initial plan was to just go ahead with the trip as long as we had four people but soon we realised that there were actually quite a few like-minded people who were game to join in the “expedition”. Soon our #motocampingsg group chat expanded to 15 people and 12 confirmed participants for our weekend trip! The best part about this, was that most of them already had camping gear so none of us had to spend much to be equipped! For those who were missing some items, we did most of our shopping at Decathlon Singapore! They literally have everything from tents, hammocks, cooking equipment to even airbeds at affordable prices!

We met up the night before to let our “chefs” choose some of their choice meats and essential items for everybody to share. Our supermarket bill only mounted up to around $270 which was an affordable $22 per pax!

We met up at Gelang Patah’s Petronas at 7:30am and proceeded to ride to Kluang Rail Coffee. From there, we had an enjoyable ride via route 50 towards Mersing. We stopped by Mersing town where we picked up some supplies of mineral water before heading to the campsite at Air Papan where we joined up with the two vehicles from JL Powersports and Motowbike towing who drove over.

The shower and toilet facilities were located near the check in counter alongside some chalet units for rent as well. For us, we could pick anywhere long the beach to set up camp for the night!

We picked a nice shady around under some casuarina trees and started building our tents/hammocks and parked our bikes beside our “home” for the night.

I was half-expecting it to be quite warm but the shade combined with the relentless sea breeze kept our area cool and comfortable. Don’t ask me why but there weren’t any mosquitos as well which was awesome!!!

The rest of the day was spent lazing around and exploring our surroundings. As nightfall came upon us, we gathered around our campfire for our BBQ dinner as our chefs seasoned the meats on the fly and served us tasty medium-rare steaks and lamb shanks. A couple of cats joined us as they waited impatiently for their share.

To be honest, I was hoping to see the Milky way (I even brought along my Nikon DLSR which i did not use yet again) but apparently it was not the right season so i had to settle for a starry night sky which was still pretty damn impressive. My friend who slept much later insists that the view gets even better later into the night.

After falling asleep to the sound of waves, I woke up at 6.45am to see a glorious sunrise with a fiery fireball slowing rising from the vast empty horizon.

We had a satisfying breakfast consisting of warm coffee, streaky bacon and fluffy eggs. We then continued to laze around till noon. Some of the boys went swimming and the others rented ATVs from the campsite operator at 35RM per half hour to hoon around.

It was so relaxing that i wished I could stay for another night but we had to return to reality on Monday and packed up to head home before the sun went down.

Last but not least, this trip would not have been so awesome if not for the company! Thanks to my love Valerie, Daniel, Jiawei, Daryl, Long, Jun Ler, Jia Jun, Ishardy, Hashim Ivan and Verah for making the trip such an amazing experience!

List of items i packed onto my bike:




Air Sofa

One set of clothes


Food and water

If you have any questions, feel free to just comment below or message me to ask me! I’d gladly try to help!

Watch video:


Paksu chalet and campsite

Air papan, 86800 Mersing, Johor, Malaysia

+60 13-727 2078


4 thoughts on “Moto-camping under the stars in Johor

    1. My komine saddlebags and northface bagpack were able to hold all my personal camping equipment! However, we decided to bring more “extravagant” BBQ food for this trip as i had two friends who drove down to join us!


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