Ride to Hidden Emerald Lake in Johor

If you are looking for a nice place to ride to across the border for a few hours over the weekend, continue reading on!

I recently saw my friends (Yun Jia and gang) take some beautiful pictures on their Sunday Mersing ride at a lake with green water! I love visiting such scenic places and quickly tried googling “Mersing green pool” and “Mersing green lake” and nothing came up. I tried searching for blue instead and Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai showed up! Another beautiful place in Johor but not the one i was looking for. I gave up and texted Yuan Kiew to ask for the coordinates! Apparently it was a short distance (22km) from Mersing Town at a place called Taman Rekresi Jemaluang.

We met up with the boys from FNRC for breakfast at Kiang Kee Bak Kut Teh (强记肉骨茶) at Kota Tinggi. After a hearty meal, we continued our journey to the elusive Emerald Lake. We continued on Route 3 towards Mersing which took us through some B-roads with some fun corners and up and downhill roads. Word of caution, the roads weren’t in tip-tip condition so you need to be careful/aware of dangers when riding along certain stretches.

As we approached the coordinates on Google maps, I was half expecting to see some light off-road trails before we could reach the lake. However we were pleasantly surprised that it was easily accessible with a nice tarmac road in front of it. There is a small pavilion with some benches to sit down under the shade while your friends engage in their photo-taking.

The water’s colour is green because it is fulled of tin ore (minerals) and the depth is unknown. I’m also unsure of what creatures live in the lake.


Taman Rekresi Jemeluang

Jemaluang Emerald Lake

Jalan Mersing, Jemaluang, 85200 Jemaluang, Johor, Malaysia



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