Remembering Farmart Centre

If you are a 90s kid like me, you would probably remember your parents bringing you to check out Farmart when it first opened its doors to the public in 2001. Back then, there were nearly 40 shops selling Kranji farm produce, including sugar cane, vegetables, fresh seafood and eggs, plus aquarium and pet-related goods. I always enjoyed my visits there but over the years, the place started getting less visitors and so did the number of shops. After i got my motorcycle license in 2009, i do remember riding to Farmart for prawning sessions with my friends here and there as well.

My last visit was probably in 2018, when my friends and I had BBQ wings and sambal sotong and lala from AH NUO BBQ! There was even a small crowd of bird trainers who were using the area to practice with their birds which was pretty entertaining to watch.

When we visited today (March 2019), we were quite sad to see that all the units had been vacated and the entire farm was deserted. We took the time to walk around and take some pictures for memories sake.

Does anyone know what the future holds for Farmart?


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